5 Reasons Why a Roll Up Garage Door is a Must

When it comes to garage doors, there are plenty of options to choose from. There are garage doors that slide up or down, swing out or in and there are roll up doors. Although there are several options to choose from, there are many benefits to adding a roll up garage door to your home or business.

Ease of Use

With a roll up garage door, it is easy to quickly open and close the door for a fast entrance or exit. Most roll up doors only need to be partially opened and the door will open the rest of the way. A roll up door is also beneficial if you experience power failure. The door offers a manual hand crank to allow you to open and close the door without electricity. Due to this feature, a roll up door is energy efficient.

A roll up garage door benefits a home with a short driveway. Due to the vertical design of the garage, it does not open outward. This allows maximum clearance for a vehicle to drive into the garage.

Safety and Protection

Roll up doors are available in durable materials such as wood or steel which can provide protection against the weather and potential intrusion through the garage door. These materials also protect your home and vehicle from extreme cold or hot temperatures or severe inclement weather. Since roll up doors are durable, they can withstand a lot of pressure before denting is caused. A roll up door also has the capability minimize the intrusion of insects, dust or outdoor elements such as allergens. When it comes to industrial or commercial businesses, many roll up doors will provide protection against contaminants or dust in the air in a chemical or food processing plant.


Although a roll up door offers durability, it also serves as a space saver when it comes to the ceiling of your garage. A roll up door is more functional if you’d like to make use of the ceiling space in your garage for storage. This will allow you to install racks for bikes or ladders.

A roll up door weighs less than a regular garage door, which makes it easier to lift and pull down.  A roll up door can also be customized using paint to match the look and feel of your home or business.

Save Money

Another benefit to a roll up door is that it will save you money as they are least expensive to install. Roll up doors tend to last longer than regular garage doors and do not require as much maintenance. Maintenance can be minimized by keeping the tracks and rollers of the garage  lubricated to ensure smooth functionality. In addition to simple maintenance, a roll up door offers durability and it will help to control the climate of your garage.


When it comes to roll up doors, you have variety available to you. With a sectional roll up, you have a variety of exterior options.  Other materials that you have to choose from when designing your door are fiberglass and aluminum.

You also have the option of a steel roll up door. Although this style has been designed for businesses, this design can be adopted by any home to create a modern look. With a roll up door, custom sizing is available. Having a roll up door also provides the option to choose your desired latch style. These include slide bolts, key locks and thumb turns.

Although there are several benefits to purchasing other types of garage doors for your home, consider the benefits of a roll up door and how this option may best suit your home or business.

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