Fantastic Storage Ideas for Your Garage

Oftentimes, your garage can turn into a nesting ground for clutter and chaos. It becomes a space for overflow with bikes, tools, totes, furniture, and a lot of other things you’ve probably forgotten you even had. The jungle of stuff may even be so thick that you can no longer see your garage door. So, the thought of turning your garage into a more organized space may leave you feeling overwhelmed and doubtful. But take heart because where there’s a will, there’s a way. Here are a few fantastic storage ideas to get your garage into organized shape.

Use Your Space Wisely: Overhead Storage

If you want to clear a path but you don’t really want bulky shelves taking up space, consider using the overhead space in your garage for storage. There are many benefits when storing your items up off the ground. According to This Old House, it will allow you more room for your vehicle, create organization, and allow you to keep a cleaner floor. Not only does this provide a neater garage, but it has the added bonus of protecting your valuables from any flood damage that might occur. You can safely and conveniently store items on sturdy shelves that hang down from your garage ceiling.  You can even neatly hang your bicycles or tools. Generally, these storage racks hang down a little bit lower than your overhead garage door, so you will still have plenty of upright space. You can search online for the overhead storage that fits your budget and purpose.

Heavy Duty Organization: Slatted Walls

Installing a slatted wall panel is another fantastic storage idea. Drywall is not usually strong enough to hold heavier tools such as shovels, rakes, and power tools, which may cause hooks to become loose and create unsightly holes in your garage wall. However, slatted walls can hold these heavier items while providing a more organized contemporary look. Slatted wall panel kits can be purchased from your local home improvement store for $100 to $200. They come in a variety of sizes so you can pick the square footage that works for you.

Go for the Gold: Customized Cabinets

If you prefer a more streamlined look that hides the clutter, consider installing customized cabinets for your garage. No matter how few or many you want, or what size or color you desire, there are countless styles to choose from. They are a great way to keep your garage neat and protect your items from moisture and pests. This option may have a heavier impact on your budget, but you will be well on your way to a clean, sleek garage and peace of mind.

A Simple Solution: Pegboard

According to Better Homes and Gardens, pegboard is a great addition for conveniently storing tools. Not only that, it is a fantastically affordable option to your storage dilemma. You can purchase your pegboard and hooks for $10 to $30. Usually they come in a color variety of white, black or brown, but they can easily be painted. For a more industrial look, you can spend a few extra bucks and get a galvanized steel metal pegboard kit. Your tools can rest neatly in place so you won’t have to waste time searching when you need them.

These solutions may cost you a bit of time and money, but you will gain a fresh, organized atmosphere, and a ton of space! After a bit of cleaning, hard work, and determination, not only will you see your garage door again, but you will have a clear path to it.  If you so choose, you can now use your garage for what it was intended for: protecting your vehicle.

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