How to Fix a Garage Door

A garage door is one of the main components to a home, especially if you have a connected garage. For many, it is the main point of entry to the home, and it is important that it works properly, not only for functionality purposes but for safety reasons as well. If your garage door isn’t working, you may want to hire a professional to take care of the issue. However, if you’re up for the challenge, below are a few tips on how to fix a garage door.


Start with a bit of troubleshooting to narrow down the issue. Common problems include the garage door not being plugged into the outlet, disruption of the photo eye’s connection (which detects if a person or object is in the way), snapped cables, a broken torsion spring, or a garage door track issue. Lack of lubrication is another common culprit. Fortunately, that one is usually easy to fix. Simply clear old grease from the garage door track and add a new coat of lubricant. Ensure that the garage springs are lubricated as well.

What You Will Need

Decide what tools you will need depending on the nature of the problem. Common tools needed to fix, adjust or troubleshoot a garage door include a Phillips and a regular screwdriver; adjustable wrench, pliers and a C clamp, in case you’re working on the springs and lubricant.


When fixing the door, always take the proper precautions to ensure your safety and others around you. Remove any vehicles from the garage so you have enough space to move around the garage, and also to prevent any possible damage.

If you are replacing the rollers, ensure that the torsion springs are disconnected. Prop the door up so that it does not fall while you are working on it. If you have an automatic opener, make sure that it is disconnected so that it does not interrupt your repair.

Fixing Your Garage Door

If you’re not certain of the issue right away, begin by examining the garage door and consider all the mechanisms that allow the door to work. In some cases, the hardware just needs to be tightened.

If you are having trouble with closing the door, check to see if the garage roller is off track. If it is, look for the cord that hangs from the guide track of the garage. This cord allows you to manually open and close the door. Normally, this serves as a quick fix if the garage is on track and your power goes out. Also, check for objects that are preventing the garage door from closing. If this is the case, remove the object and try closing your garage again.

If you’re having a difficult time opening your garage, square the door with the tension rods, which are positioned on the back of the door. These rods can be tightened to straighten the door. If your garage door does not have tension rods, you can buy them.

Learning how to fix a garage door can be confusing at first, but once you learn all of the parts that allow the garage door to work, you’ll be able to keep your garage in good working order.

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