How to Install a Garage Door Keypad

If you’re tired of rolling up your garage door or don’t feel safe with opening your garage with the
push of a button, you may want to consider installing a garage door keypad. A garage door
keypad consists of a button remote that requires you to enter a security code to open the door.

The Benefits of a Keypad
If you forget your house keys, a garage door keypad will serve as an alternate route to enter your
home. After setting a unique code into your garage keypad, the keypad will serve as digital house
keys. The keypad also acts as a safety mechanism, especially when it comes to children.

A keypad is also convenient if you do not want to carry your keys or lose them often. A keypad
will eliminate the need for multiple garage door openers if you have more than one vehicle,
saving you money.

Shopping for a Keypad
When shopping for a keypad, make sure to check the brand of your garage door. If you are not
sure about the brand, search for a universal keypad. A universal keypad will work with most
garage doors. If you’re not good with installation that requires wires, look for a wire-free keypad.
This will save you time and guessing.

Backlit keypads are also a useful feature. This will allow you to see your keypad when it is dark
outside. Also, consider if you’d like to camouflage your keypad to match your garage or the rest
of your home.

A wired pad is great for a newly built home. However, if you do not want to spend the time
finding the proper wires in your home to wire the keypad and you’re not interested in hiring an
electrician for the job, it is best to use a wire-free keypad. With these, you just need to add
batteries and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Choose a four to six digit code, depending on your keypad. Next, enter the code and check to see
if the garage door will open and close after ending the code. Find a place to install your keypad,
which is normally placed outside of the garage door. A keypad is normally placed inside of the
garage doorjamb where you would enter the garage. Install all screws needed to secure the
keypad to the doorjamb.

Resetting Your Keypad
Unfortunately, you may end up forgetting your personal code or you may feel the need to change
it. Your instruction manual should have detailed instructions on how to reset the code. For most
keypads, look for the “learn button” or something similar on your keypad. Hold this button down
for six seconds to reset the opener, and from this point, your keypad will not work. Clicking the
learn button again will give you 30 seconds to enter a new code on your keypad. If you have a
remote that accompanies your keypad, ensure that you sync the remote with the keypad. You can
do this by pointing the opener at the keypad while pressing the learn button and pressing the

remote button at the same time. To ensure the functionality of the new code, point the remote to
the keypad and press the button on the remote and the garage should open.

When shopping for a garage keypad, it is important to search for a one that best fits your needs.
Keep in mind your budget, whether you’d like a wireless or wired opener, and installation.

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