How to Maintain Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors, also known as full view doors, are becoming very popular due to their contemporary design and the value that they add to a home. Although glass doors are a beautiful accent to any modern home, it is important that you properly maintain them.

Inspection and Lubrication

Inspecting your glass garage doors periodically will allow you to stay up-to-date on what is going on with your garage door. Regularly tighten all mechanisms of the garage and make sure to search for any signs of wear and tear or damage on the garage door.

When inspecting your garage, check for any signs of cracks or damage on the glass. If the glass is damaged, how much you need to replace will depend on what kind of garage you have.

Along with regular inspection, lubrication is key when maintaining any type of garage door. This allows your garage door to function smoothly when opening and closing. Apply lubrication to the hinges and rollers of the garage door yearly for best results.


If your garage doors are fiberglass, make sure that there isn’t any water spilling down or surrounding the doors. This can cause the fiberglass to warp.

When cleaning your glass, use is a combination of vinegar and water. This mixture will cut through grease and dirt and will not cause potential damage, unlike the chemicals found in many over-the-counter cleaning products. You can also use a bucket of warm water with dish soap.

Stain removal is also essential when maintaining your fiberglass garage doors. Acetone works well when removing oil based stains. To remove a stain, add a small amount of acetone to a rag and rub gently. Once the stain has been removed, follow up with a cloth dipped in water.

If your garage door partially glass or fiberglass, you will not have a lot to worry about when it comes to glass garage door maintenance. However, regular cleaning and maintenance will help make sure your entire garage looks great.

Repairing Broken Glass

If you have glass windows on your garage and one of them breaks, you will want to replace it immediately for safety. To easily repair the glass on your garage door, remove the broken glass and the remove the frame from the garage door window. Measure the height, width and thickness of the glass to ensure that you are purchasing the correct replacement.

To secure the glass on the garage door window, add a compound glaze to hold the glass to the window opening of the garage. Carefully add the replacement glass to the garage window and press gently. Add the frame the holds the glass back to the garage window and press firmly. After you finish the repair, it is best to let the replacement set for about a week before painting.

Always wear safety glasses and heavy gloves for your protection when working with glass or fiberglass. If you feel uncomfortable with taking on the task such as glass handling, contact a professional.

Although caring for a glass garage door or a garage door with windows can be a lot of work, it is worth it and you will become an expert on how to maintain glass garage doors.




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