How to Shop for a Garage Door

A garage door may seem like an insignificant part of your home, however, it is one of the key components to any home. Purchasing a new one can be an intimidating process, but the benefits are endless. An updated garage door will increase the value in your home and enhance the appearance. You will also save time and money when it comes to garage door repairs.

 Begin with a Budget

Begin with your budget. Depending on the type of garage you’re looking for, you may be looking at anything from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. Design, materials, size and installation costs must be factored in when planning your budget. Think about what you need and how it will fit with the design of your house. Simple and functional may be perfect for you, or you may need a custom-designed door.

Think About Design and Material

Garage doors take up a large amount of the exterior of your home. It is important to select the style that will supplement the look of your home. Designs to consider consist of windows, flat, raised or painted panels.

Be sure to examine the type of material you would like. Looking at a small sample of the type of material may help you to make your final decision. Weigh the pros and cons of each style. For example, glass looks modern and allows natural light into your garage, but it is also more likely to break. Aluminum offers a contemporary look and feel, but it is more likely to dent. Wood compliments almost any home, but it also needs constant refinishing. Taking the time to think about how you will use your garage will also help you to decide which finish and design is best for your and your home. For example, some homeowners use their garage as a workshop area, living space or hobby area.

The design and material of your garage will play a role in the security of your home. Since this is one of the main points of entry into your home, it is important to make sure that your garage door is secure. A quality garage door opener plays a major factor in your home security.

Consider Insulation

If your garage door is attached to your home, you may want to consider adding insulation into your budget. An insulated garage door will lower both heating and cooling utility bills. An insulated garage helps block out any incoming or outgoing noise. Insulation also enhances vehicle performance when it comes to freezing temperatures, depending on where your home is located. It can minimize the impact of extremely hot climates as well.


Another consideration is how much it will take to maintain your garage door. This depends primarily on the material you choose. Ensure that all mechanisms are lubricated to ensure proper functionality. You’ll want to consider a garage door seal during installation. This will keep inclement weather or moisturize out of your garage, lessening the effect of your local climate. It will also block insects and rodents from entering your garage.

It’s important not to get so excited over the prospect of your new garage door that you overlook the fundamentals. Take the time to research and find the right door, so you don’t experience any buyer’s regret.

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