Key Risks and Benefits of Using Your Smartphone as a Garage Door Opener

Technology is constantly advancing at a rapid pace. The ability to open your garage door from your smartphone might not be as important on a grand scale as the fight against disease and increasing global community, but on a personal level it can have a huge impact on your life. The main question on everyone’s mind is whether or not the convenience is worth the risk.

Convenience Is a Major Benefit

It’s important to be honest about the advantages of connecting your smartphone directly to your garage door opener. How many times have you had to turn around at the end of the block just to be doubly sure that you actually closed the door? If you’re farther away from home when the doubt hits you then you might have to spend the whole day worrying about it. As sure as you are that you’d never leave your garage door open, the doubt will persist. A smartphone app will completely change that. You can check on your phone to see if you closed your door. If you haven’t, you can close it at the tap of a button and go on your way secure in the knowledge that it’s taken care of.

Of course, you might not always be checking up after yourself. If you live with a teenager who just got a driving permit or a spouse who’s always in a rush in the morning, you can use your smartphone to make sure that their mistake isn’t going to cost you a break in. A simple smartphone app could save you not only security, but piece of mind.

One Less Thing to Keep Track Of

Garage door openers aren’t known for being the smallest items. However, they nevertheless manage to be one of the easiest to lose. There’s nothing worse than having to drag yourself out of your car on a cold night to open your door manually just to drive forward ten more feet and park your car inside. You know that you had the opener that morning, but who knows where in your car it could have gone? Constantly replacing these devices can be expensive on top of everything else. If you have your opener bundled as part of your smartphone, you have one less thing to keep track of when you’re going about your daily life. If you’re someone who really relies on your gadgets, then keeping your opener inside your phone could be the one sure way of ensuring that you never lose or forget it again.

Easy to Hack

Now that the benefits have been laid out, it’s time to look at the downside. The wireless connection that controls your garage door when it’s hooked up to a smartphone isn’t the most secure connection. A burglar with basic hacking abilities would be able to log in, change your settings, and then open the garage door at their convenience. If you’re concerned about the safety of your home, then having garage door openers connected to your phone might not be the best plan. If you’re often away from home, it might not be worth it at all. If you’re going on a vacation, then you should disconnect your smartphone from the door before you go.

Losing Your Phone is Much More Costly

Losing your smartphone is already a devastating blow. In one fell swoop, unscrupulous people will have access to your email accounts, your contacts, and probably even your credit card through stores that you frequently visit and don’t bother to log out of. With so much powerful information at their fingertips, is it really wise to hand even more to them? Loading everything onto your smartphone is putting all your eggs in one basket. If you lose it or it’s stolen, your identity and your home could be at risk. Security is the huge flaw with having smartphones act as garage door openers.

Whether or not you want to attach your garage door to your phone is a personal choice. If you’re more concerned with knowing it’s been shut than worrying about whether someone’s going to take the time to hack into your system, then it could be a good option for you. Just take precautions to keep an extra close eye on your phone and disconnect it before any big trips.

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