Protect Your Car Even In Inclement Weather With A Better Garage Door

The last thing anyone is asking for right now is a longer stretch of winter. It seems like so far, there’s only been two options when it comes to the weather: negative numbers that make the hairs on the back of your neck freeze, or positively too much snow that makes you feel like you’re lifting weights when you try to shovel it. Pick your poison, they say, but it’s a poison that no one signed up for.

Out of all of the things you can worry about when the weather drops below zero, your car is probably at the bottom of your list. Keeping your home warm and keeping yourself and your family warm are top priority. As long as the car starts and has enough gas, what else is there to worry about? But it’s just as important to take good care of your car this winter. It needs to be protected from the elements just as much as you do when you zip up that heavy coat you keep in the back of your closet. Garage door insulation is key, otherwise, you could have a non-functioning car on your hands.

What Happens If It Gets Too Cold?

Have you ever had a morning where you’ve walked into your garage, started your car, and heard that irritating clicking noise? You turn the key to try again but nothing works. Your car might not be starting because the battery is dead. This is why garage door insulation is important, especially in cases of extreme weather conditions.

Did you know that the cold can be the cause of this? It takes your battery more power to operate during cold temperatures, so there’s a chance that the weather has rendered it useless. Getting a jump is an easy fix, but not a permanent one. There’s also a chance that the problem isn’t with the battery, but the alternator. The alternator charges the battery so that it can get your car going, so if the alternator fails, the battery will slowly die over time.

The cold doesn’t just effect the mechanics of your car, but the fluids you put into it. Have you ever wondered why it’s recommended that you get your oil changed before winter rears in its ugly head? That’s because the cold can make the oil too thick, which means that it won’t be able to turn in your car when you try and start it up. How about your radiator fluid? The cold doesn’t discriminate, it will hurt that, too. If it gets cold enough, your radiator fluid can either turn into sludge or, even worse, it will completely freeze.

Isn’t Keeping The Car In The Garage Enough?

It’s a good start, but it’s not always enough.  This year’s winter has been rather temperamental with freezing temperatures that have been outright dangerous. It’s gotten so cold at times that the car being in the garage means nothing. It might as well be sitting out in your driveway, quietly freezing overnight until you attempt to start it the next morning. This is most likely due to poor garage door insulation – and Mother Nature being cruel this season.

Also, keep in mind that when the snow starts to melt and the temperatures rise, you’re going to want a good set of doors for the summer, too. Just because the snow stops doesn’t mean that you can take a break in your car care. The heat can affect your car just as badly as the cold. It’s important to have a good set of garage doors. This will help keep your garage weatherized so that your car stays in a good mood during the seasons. Too hot, too cold, it doesn’t matter when your garage has good insulation from a nice set of garage doors. Save yourself a headache and keep those doors in check. The last thing you want to hear when you get into your car is the long, rattling click of your car not starting up.

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