Mesa Garage Doors can repair most makes of garage doors. We have over 50 service trucks staffed with factory trained experts to assist you.

Garage Door Repair

Garage door repair can be a tricky and dangerous operation if you don’t know what you are doing. There are extremely powerful springs that counter balance the weight of the garage door. The springs are connected through a torsion bar to cables. If the cables become loose it can be very dangerous. Most garage door repair should be performed by an expert.

Garage Opener Repair

We at Mesa Garage Doors can repair most makes of garage door openers and offer expert inspection services to detect and diagnose any issues that can arise from garage door openers usage and wear and tear over time. Garage door opener inspection is especially important as it is a crucial component that lifts a massive heavy door and must be in perfect working order to protect your home and your valuables not to mention the sensors that prevent the door from closing on your vehicle or even a person.

Garage Spring Repair

Never attempt garage door spring repair unless you are a good engineer. This is tricky, dangerous and requires special equipment. If you aren’t convinced and want to do it yourself here is a link Garage Door Spring Repair. A spring breaking is loud. If you hear a loud bang when opening or closing the door, its probably a broken spring. If the opener is straining to open the door, it may be a broken spring. If the door cocks to one side when you try to open it, it may be a broken spring.

Even if you garage door opens don’t use the opener, as it may burn it out.

Garage Cable Repair

Don’t do it your self. This is dangerous and requires special equipment. The symptoms are similar to a broken spring without the loud bang.

Garage Door Off Track

The Garage doors we install don’t just hop off their track. If you hit the door with your car, bashed it in some way or a high wind did it, the door should be inspected by a professional. There may be something bent or broken.

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