The Benefits of a Garage Door Screen

If you’d like to make your garage a multipurpose area such as a workshop, play area, workout
room or a hosting area for your guests, then a garage door screen may be just what you need.

The benefits of a garage screen include shade from the sun while working on a project or hosting
an event. A garage door screen will also protect you against most elements, in addition to insects.
The screen can be thought of as an outdoor element filter; however, you still have the luxury of
enjoying the outdoors in the privacy of your home.

Screens also offer a sense of privacy while still enjoying the weather. Although you may be able
to see through your screen door, it will still obscure the interior of your garage. The screen also
offers protection for children or pets that may want to enjoy the weather but should not be
outside unsupervised.

Shopping for a Screen
Before buying a screen, make sure that you measure all garage door entryways carefully. Cost
will also be a factor, so know your budget before you start looking. Make sure to look into all the
types of screens that are available.

The sliding screen door can slide to the side just a like a patio screen, and since the bottom
fixture for the screen is low to the ground, you can safely drive over this part of the screen to exit
the garage. Retractable screens are available in a variety of colors and can be controlled with a
remote. Finally, there is the roll up screen, which can be a DIY project. This screen is attached to
the door jambs and header of the garage door frame with loop material, and is similar to a sheer
curtain. To enter and exit the garage, a zipper or magnet can be used to separate the sides. When
not in use, the screen can be rolled up and stowed away. Ensure that the screen is stowed away
properly to minimize damage. This screen can also be used for an entryway or exit for pets.

To maintain a screen, you must know how it works. It does not replace your garage door;
however, it offers many of the same functionalities. Make sure that the garage door tracks are
lubricated and that the screen and garage door are able to exchange positions seamlessly. Keep
sharp objects away from your screen to reduce the chance of puncturing it. Pets can also cause
damage if they jump on or run at the screen.

Before purchasing your screen door, check that it comes with a warranty to make sure that
you’re covered in case anything happens to your new purchase. Although it is possible to install
a screen yourself, if you are unsure about installation, you should consult a professional.

The purchase of a screen door can be beneficial to any home. A garage doors screen is a
wonderful cosmetic addition and will add value to your home.

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