The Benefits of Investing in a Garage Door Spring Tune Up

Often, it can feel like a hassle to get a technician out to check on your garage door springs. As long as your garage door is working, you think there’s nothing wrong and no need to do anything about it. However, a broken garage door spring can run you upwards of $60 easily just for the part. On top of that, a bent or broken spring will often bend the tracks your garage door uses. If these get bent you can warp a panel on your door or damage the track itself. While a warped panel is unattractive, a bent track can cause your garage door to become inoperable. A small investment in a tune up can keep major expenses away from your paycheck.

The Dangers of a Replacing Your Own Spring

Garage door springs pack a powerful punch, and should really only be handled by a trained technician. Mishandling them has resulted in serious injury and even death. Even something simple like a slip of the spring with the intense force it contains can have dire consequences. Here is something to ask yourself if you’re one of those do-it-yourselfers out there who likes to tackle every household task: is the pride of saying you do your own garage door spring repair really worth that risk?

Advanced Warning of Spring Damage

One of the major benefits of tuning up your garage door springs a few times a year is that you have advanced warning if there happens to be a small problem. The last thing you want is to have an expensive emergency on your hands. A technician tuning up the spring can report the first signs of damage to you, so you can start thinking ahead. You can set aside money in your budget for a spring you know you need to replace eventually, rather than facing the need to pay $60 or more out of your pocket right away.

Prolonging Usability

Consider where you want to invest your money. Do you want to invest in spring maintenance and get a much longer period of usefulness out of your springs or are you more willing to buy replacement after replacement and gamble that the door doesn’t break while your car is trapped in the garage? Garage door spring maintenance is overall much more affordable than garage door spring repair.

A carefully maintained, well-oiled spring will do more for your garage door system than just about anything else. A bent spring can damage the tracks for your door and put unnecessary strain on your overhead motor. A spring that’s wearing out can also prevent your garage door from closing all the way. This means that vermin have easier access to your home, and that’s not all. The garage is one of the easiest access points for a criminal to break into your home, and a garage door that doesn’t close all the way is an open invitation for someone to come in and steal your stuff.

Extra Quick Checks

From a money saving standpoint, getting regular checks of your springs will give you a reliable visual check of the rest of your system. In order to examine the spring, a technician is going to have to look at the track and run the motor as well. If you have any problems with those areas of your garage door system, they’ll pick up on those right away. They might only be there to oil, test, and maintain the springs that are the lifeblood of your system, but they’re not going to keep quiet about other flaws they may see.

So the next time scheduling a short technician visit on your day off sounds like too much hassle to bother with, consider the consequences of a broken spring. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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