Three Steps to an Improved Garage

Often times our garage is the area of the house that gets the least attention. It has the tendency to become the landing spot for seasonal items, tools and equipment, and even useless junk that we’ve long forgotten about. This makes the space become a huge eyesore and a dreaded work area. If you want to improve the overall look and efficiency of your garage, there are three simple steps that will improve the quality of any garage.

Give Your Garage Door a Touch Up

The first simple and affordable step to an improved garage is giving a little TLC to your garage door. Touching-up your door with new paint can bring an enormously understated enhancement to your garage. This speedy and easy makeover can give the outside and inside appearance of your home a fresh new look, according to Young House Love. It can also be a simple or extensive task, depending on your desires. If you just want to freshen up the old paint, then it will be a fairly quick and easy process. However, if you want a completely new look, it may require a little more prepping and time. No matter which you choose, it will lead to an improved look. In addition, this task basically only requires a warm day, a couple of hours and a can of paint. So, grab a gallon of your chosen color and stride one step closer to an improved garage.

Add Organization

What’s the point of a brilliant looking garage door if there is a stockpile of junk in front of it? This brings us to our next course of action: organization. No one wants to be endlessly searching through a pile of unorganized clutter when they are in need of a certain tool or storage container. Reduce your frustration and create a more efficient garage space by putting some order to the pandemonium.

There are a number of options to consider when you decide to organize your garage. First, consider your budget and how much you want to spend on this project. Second, decide how you want to use your garage space. If you would like to have the floor clean and clear, then you will want to look into overhead storage. If you prefer the tidy look that compartmentalizes your stuff, then you may consider having custom made garage cabinets. If you want easy access and visibility, then consider installing shelving units along the wall, pegboards for your smaller tools, and hooks to hang your larger tools. Finding the type of organization that fits your needs will make a drastic improvement to the efficiency in your garage.

Upgrade Your Garage Flooring

Your garage door is looking good and you can even see it now that you’ve organized all of your stuff. However, now you have an unattractive and dirty cement floor that is mocking your hard work. This is why the last step to an improved garage is to upgrade your flooring. One of the best types of flooring you can use in your garage is an epoxy finish. These types of floors resist stains that are common to garage floors and are incredibly easy to clean, according to the Family Handyman . In addition, they create a much more visually appealing and tidy work area, improving the overall quality of your space. Applying an epoxy coating is a big job and will require serious elbow grease. (Note: if you opted for overhead garage storage, this process will be much easier). You can cut some expense by choosing to do the project yourself, or you can save yourself the trouble and hire a professional. Either way, the end result is an upgraded garage floor that increases your homes value and enhances the quality of your garage.

Any one of these individual steps can be taken to improve your garage. However, the three steps taken together will bring an entirely new and fresh atmosphere to your garage. You can enjoy your time spent in this new area not searching for lost items. In addition, the increased value to your home is nothing to gripe about.

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